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Following the success of Broadway Barks across the pond, stage icons Elaine Paige and Bernadette Peters are thrilled to host the first live WEST END WOOFS (AND MEOWS) on Saturday 18 November from 10.00am - 12.30pm at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden bringing together much-loved talent of the West End and their four-legged friends for a dog and cat adoption event.

Elaine and Bernadette previously teamed up to co-host the first virtual edition of WEST END WOOFS during lockdown in 2020.

Elaine Paige said today “When Bernadette and I first presented West End Woofs! online it was such a success! We raised money and awareness for many shelters caring for animals in need of adoption.  Here’s hoping this year’s West End Woofs is even more successful for our neediest four-legged friends!"

Bernadette Peters said today “Nothing thrills me more than to be doing West End Woofs ‘live’ for the first time at St. Paul’s Actors Church with my dear friend Elaine Paige and my cast members from ‘Old Friends’.  Looking forward to finding many dogs and kitties their forever homes”.

The adoption event on Saturday 18 November begins at 10.00am with a ‘meet and greet’ with all the adoptable pets. From 11.30am adoptees make their West End debut on stage alongside some of the West End’s favourite stars, with guests to be announced, including a special performance of ‘Old Friends’ by the company of Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends. 

WEST END WOOFS is open to the public. A £5 ticket donation is required to enter the church. Money raised on ticket donations goes towards the shelters. The grounds of the church will still be accessible to see the dogs even if the event in the church is full. It will feature adoptable pets from the following participating shelters and rescue groups with all proceeds from the event benefitting the great work they do.

  • Helping Dogs and Cats UK

  • Pro Dogs Direct

  • Home Run Hounds

  • Saving Saints Rescue 

  • Noah’s Ark Dog Rescue

  • German Shepherd Rescue South

  • All Dogs Matter

Full details of each organisation below.

Over the past 25 years in New York, more than 2,100 dogs and cats have grabbed Broadway’s spotlight and the hearts of all who come to Broadway Barks. Approximately 85% of these furry friends have successfully found forever homes.

For further information please contact Simon Raw or Daniel O’Carroll at RAW PR
020 3829 0930


Instagram: @westendwoofsuk

Facebook: /westendwoofsuk


Helping Dogs UK

We are a non-profit animal rescue based in Basingstoke and operate in Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, and Surrey. We rescue dogs, cats, and other small animals in need of help. Our work includes rehoming and rehabilitation, veterinary care, microchipping, spaying, and neutering. Our small team is staffed by volunteers, who are true animal lovers and passionate about animal welfare. We receive no government funding and depend entirely on the generosity of our supporters. Every penny we receive goes directly to helping dogs and cats. Kirsty Wrightson, Founder & Manager Her story: Back in 2017, I lost my beloved dog and best friend Millie, who had a wonderful life until she passed away aged 15. I was heartbroken to lose Millie, however she was my inspiration to start working in rescue and in 2018 Helping Dogs and Cats UK Rescue (formerly Helping Dogs UK Rescue) was launched in her memory. The love and friendship Millie gave to me, didn't leave with her, and I now pass this love, care and friendship on to any animal that needs it. Surrounded by a fantastic team of volunteers, who are equally as passionate about animal rescue and welfare, we do our best to make the life of every rescue dog and cat matter.


Pro Dogs Direct

Working across the UK, Pro Dogs Direct operates a non-destruction policy rescuing and re-homing unwanted, neglected or abandoned dogs. Ou vision is to re-home dogs that are desperately in need of help DIRECTLY from foster home to forever home. Getting the dogs to safety is our priority. Our dogs live in private foster homes with volunteers; this allows us to really get to know them and, when they are ready for adoption, find exactly the right new home for them. Being in a normal home environment is better for the dogs, but it does mean that they cannot be visited prior to adoption (other than by successful applicants). We felt there was a need for dogs to be re-homed without going into kennels; hence the addition of ‘Direct’ to our name. Our vision is that: whenever possible dogs go DIRECTLY from FOSTER home to their new permanent home although, in emergencies we sometimes have to use kennels temporarily to get dogs to safety and out of difficult situations. We often take puppies and dogs that might otherwise be put to sleep. This could be strays that have ‘timed-out’ or dogs and pups that are ill, and unwanted. This means that, before they can be rehomed, many of our dogs need extra medical care and TLC. Many have had a traumatic past and never known a loving hand and home, this is particularly true for the ex-breeding dogs we rescue. Our aim is to place each dog in the best possible home rather than simply re-homing them on a first come first served basis.


Home Run Hounds

We are a West Midlands based charity specialising in finding homes for retired racing Greyhounds. Home Run Hounds is a "Not for Profit" company run by Claire Butler. Claire is calling on her experience from over 30 years with the breed including volunteering at several "homing" charities which gives her a strong basis in which to develop this new Homing centre which was started in 2022 and is assisted by many volunteers who enjoy the same passion. Currently the Centre has several hounds under its care and as funds and donations grow it is hoped to increase the number of hounds who need a home. Claire is backed by dedicated volunteers who come to site to walk the greyhounds and take them on new "adventures" to experience new sights and sounds that they may not have come across whilst "racing". Greyhounds are still not seen by the wider "Dog Loving" public as a "pet" although they are the most loving of breeds and from birth develop a strong connection with their human counterparts. Greyhounds are a "pure" breed and can very often chase their lineage back many many years. (Because of this pedigree and because they were used in racing, HRH is strict about neutering their dogs so that they are never used illicitly for breeding.) They are not a "designer" pet that costs £1000's but for a sensible donation you can home a wonderful dog and have the full support of Home Run Hounds from adoption until it is time for them to chase a Rainbow. Home Run Hounds offers Foster To Adopt which means that potential adopters having chosen a potential new family member can foster that hound for 2 weeks to see if both pet and family are suited. This has proven extremely successful and takes the "pressure" of both families and "hounds" who all need to settle in to a new life. Home Run Hounds also does not discriminate on age so will consider all ages when homing a greyhound allowing the older generation to continue to enjoy a faithful friends company into their elder years helping not only with loneliness but mental stimulation as well. Home Run Hounds is not only a Homing Centre but also works with the Community to benefit the area by involving both “homed” and “homeless” hounds in various activities which can benefit both the people and the hounds. These activities include:- Working with various Care Homes in the area to visit residents with certain mental health needs as well as the enjoyment of the visit for all who reside at the Home. Visiting End of Life Care Homes to brighten up patients last days. Conducting Group Community talks to all ages Women’s Institute Evening talks with the presence of “homed” hounds Supporting various “Weight Watcher” Groups re increasing weight loss through walking activities. Working with the disabled to enhance their mental and physical experiences. Working with Work Experience Pupils who want to work in the "homing" environment. 


Saving Saints Rescue

Many Saint Bernards within Europe are used as working dogs are are often corssed with other large breeds - they are sheep protection dogs or guard dogs in some countries such as Romania. In these countries there is no specific legislation making animal abuse an offence. Some countries have no official dog rescue or shelter welfare and some Eastern European countires have 'killing stations'. An owner can take their dog that they do not want to a killing station. Quite often, all the dogs in the killing stations are killed in one night. We believe all dogs deserve better than that, which is why we work with our European rescue partners. Many dogs that come to use have been abused by their owners, discarded onto the streets to fend for themselves, and many are chained. Some are starved. We often have less than 5 days to rescue the dogs that we are contacted about to fund their removal and move themto safe shelter. In the UK many people buy St Bernards as they see them as cute puppies. However once the dog is around 8 months old, without having adequate training, they often decide they can't handle the dog so they contact us to rehome - or they sell them on unregistered sites. Sometimes we are offered pups who have health problems, like blindness or hip dysplasia. We take these dogs and offer them the best life that we can with people who are committed to the breed and understand their needs. Our mission is to raise further awareness and educate humans in the psychological and physical welfare issues specifically related to the St Bernard as a breed, and to encourage responsible and safe dog ownership and welfare of big breeds in the UK and Europe. 


Noah's Ark Dog Rescue

We are a small team of volunteers, dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of abandoned dogs and those in need from both the UK and overseas. Our non-profit organisation is based in Peterborough but we do adopt and foster dogs throughout the UK with kennels based in Norfolk, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. The team make regular visits to Romania which are 100% self funded, and testament to our level of dedication to support and help our fabulous rescuers on the ground, we of course get lots of Arkie cuddles and help socialise our pups and dogs whilst they are awaiting their tickets to board the happy bus. Spay and neuter campaign: The single most important thing that we can do to save cats and dogs from all the suffering and death that their overpopulation causes is to spay and neuter them. Spaying and neutering are routine, affordable surgeries that can prevent thousands of animals from being born, only to suffer and struggle to survive on the streets, be abused by cruel or neglectful people, or be euthanized in animal shelters for lack of a loving home. Works with a shelter called Rin Tin Tin on this ongoing spay and neuter campaign. 


German Shepherd Rescue

Why buy love when you can rescue it? German Shepherd Rescue South is a small, registered charity which rescues and rehomes unwanted, abused or stray German Shepherd dogs throughout the UK. Some dogs come to us when they are found on the streets, and some from homes where their owners find them to be too much or aren't able to or willing to care for them any longer. Our aims are either:- a) To keep dogs in their own home b) To find a suitable new home c) To place a dog in a foster home 


All Dogs Matter

 All Dogs Matter is a dog rescue and rehoming charity working in and around London to transform the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs. We also rehome dogs in need from overseas. In 2022 All Dogs Matter rescued and rehomed 349 dogs with new owners. We work in partnership with individuals and organisations to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need. Our many partners include local council authorities, foster carers, dog trainers and vet practices. We also work with members of the public to rehome their dogs if they are no longer able to look after them and help to reunite owners with lost dogs. In our rehoming capacity, our small, dedicated team matches each dog with the right new owner, ensuring that it will be safe, cared for and loved for the rest of its life. We combine the use of foster homes and kennels to care for dogs before they find their forever homes. Our foster carers are experienced dog lovers who often have dogs of their own and are dedicated to helping our dogs get back to a happy, healthy life. Many of our dogs are placed in foster homes so they can be assessed before rehoming. By living with a family, the dog gets used to the everyday routine it will experience when rehomed. International work: We work on an international level helping to rehome abandoned and unwanted dogs from overseas. We’ve worked with Humane Society International UK as an Emergency Placement Partner shelter to rehome dogs rescued from South Korean dog meat farms, and currently work with Mira Dogs shelter in Egypt to rehabilitate and rehome abandoned dogs. These dogs are given a new life with experienced and loving owners in the UK.

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