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The Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter

The Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter (TVCAS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) no-kill shelter located in Driggs, Idaho. The shelter was established by local community members in July 2011, soon after the previous organization shut down. Concerned citizens who felt strongly about making the shelter a community project banded together to reopen the facility and welcomed everyone in the area to become involved. Due to the community’s hard work and dedication, the shelter has successfully placed thousands of animals into their forever homes. In 2020, despite all the struggles involved with running an animal-rescue organization in the midst of a global pandemic, TVCAS took in 268 dogs and cats, 239 of which were either adopted into new homes or returned to their owners after being lost.

The Mission

TVCAS’s mission is to save the lives of homeless pets through rescue and adoption while also educating people about pet ownership and building a community that values all animal life. TVCAS is dedicated to providing shelter and general care for homeless dogs and cats until permanent homes can be found for them. Relying entirely on donations from the community to cover medical, training, and operational expenses, TVCAS rescues and re-homes strays and surrendered animals brought in by community members. They work with many overcrowded and kill shelters across the country to give homeless animals a second chance.


Adopting a pet from TVCAS is a 3-step process:

In order to qualify to adopt an animal, all potential adopters must submit an application, be at least 21 years old, and have a valid form of identification. All members of the household must approve of and want the pet. The potential adopter must show proof of home ownership or provide their landlord's number to ensure that the pet is permitted in their home.

The adoption fees are as follows:

Puppies under 1 year $170
Adult dogs 1-7 years $150
Senior dogs 8+ years $120

Kittens under 1 year $90
Cats over 1 year $70

All animals are spayed/neutered, dewormed, fully vaccinated, and microchipped.


Volunteers are a critical asset at TVCAS, carrying out the daily services necessary to run the organization and providing quality care and attention to the animals at the shelter. No matter what skills or expertise you have, there are many ways to volunteer at TVCAS: cleaning the shelter, which includes scrubbing kennels, doing laundry, and washing dishes; performing landscape and fencing maintenance or working on other minor construction projects; taking pictures of all the animals at the shelter and capturing the best possible photos to use in their adoption profiles; and serving as dog walkers, animal snugglers, and cat socializing companions.

Many volunteer activities have been on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, but applications are still being accepted since volunteers will be needed to help again as life starts getting back to normal. If you are interested in the volunteer program, fill out this volunteer application and email it to today!


Another way volunteers impact the lives of animals at TVCAS is through fostering. In fact, foster homes are the heart and soul of TVCAS. The shelter can be a loud and stressful environment for animals. When special pets arrive at the shelter who require a more calm environment, volunteer fosters spring into action and take these pets into their homes, providing a space in which the animals feel loved and safe. TVCAS’s experienced team supports fosters in every way possible and can answer any question you might have. If you are interested in becoming a foster, complete the foster application and submit it to And if you’re wondering what kinds of pets are currently in need of foster homes, click here!

Donations Needed

TVCAS works with the Teton Valley Idaho Sherriff, existing animal welfare organizations, and the public to provide a safe haven and critical services for homeless animals. They donate food, shelter, medical assistance, and behavioral intervention—all of which require considerable time and financial resources. When you support the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter, you are helping to expand the resources necessary to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in need, and there are several ways for you to get involved and help support the mission!

TVCAS relies entirely on donations, so any amount is greatly appreciated.

The shelter also needs donations of items it uses all the time. If you would like to donate any of the following, TVCAS is open for donations from 8:00am to 4:00pm seven days a week. You can also drop off donations on the front porch after hours at 15 South 1750 East Driggs Idaho, 83422.

Needed Items:

· Blankets

· Towels

· Dish soap

· Paper towels

· Bleach

· Sponges

· Ziplock bags (gallon)

· Heating pads

· Office supplies

Dog Supplies:

· Kongs

· Dog toys

· Kennels, crates, and carriers (new or used)

· Dog beds

· Dog brushes

· Dog food (dry and canned)

· Puppy food

· Esbilac (puppy milk replacement)

· Dog houses

· Peanut butter WITHOUT Xylitol

· Leashes, collars, and harnesses

Cat Supplies:

· Cat toys

· Cat carriers and kennels

· Cat beds

· Cat brushes

· Kitten food (dry and canned)

· KMR (kitten milk replacement)

· Cat food (dry and canned)

· Humane cat traps

· Cat litter and boxes

· Cat trees and scratching posts

· Cat collars

TVCAS cannot accept pillows or mattresses.

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