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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

PET-I-CARE was formed in 1991 as a grassroots nonprofit organization comprised of professional and volunteer “Friends of the Program” who donate their time and talent to help New York City’s abandoned, abused, injured, and forgotten animals by providing shelter, medical care, training, and socialization.

Pet-I-Care’s mission is to help New York City’s homeless animals by providing them with safety, compassion, veterinary care, and behavioral training before and after adoption. Pet-I-Care executes their mission through the efforts of volunteers, fosters, veterinarians, trainers, and behaviorists who work to find permanent, loving homes for abandoned and abused dogs and cats so they can feel loved and safe.

While many dedicated volunteers provide the sweat equity needed to get the day-to-day work done, they need financial support from donors to finance all the important work they do for the animals.

Donations are used to rescue animals from kill shelters and place them into a temporary safe place, whether it be a boarding facility, foster, or even a veterinary hospital. Although they get rescue discounts, housing and boarding these animals still requires significant financial resources and is only a first step. Once the animal is safe, more money is needed to provide medical care, which can range from standard routine exams and vaccinations to treatment for more serious diseases or injuries. Additional resources are then used to transport animals and provide food, preventative medications, bedding, and, toys, and treats! Pet-I-Care continues their work only because of the generosity of donors and volunteers, and they are deeply thankful. Click here to donate today! And remember, because Pet-I-Care is a 501(c)(3), your donation is tax deductible.

Pet-I-Care also has an Amazon Wishlist for items they use to care for the animals. If you are shopping on Amazon, just click on the Pet-I-Care Wishlist and consider donating some of the needed items.

If financial support is not possible and you still feel moved to help Pet-I-Care’s efforts, you can always volunteer or serve as a foster for an animal in need. Foster homes are really the ideal environment for an animal looking for a permanent home because they are quieter, safer, and more comfortable than shelters, and they allow the animal to relax and let their true personality show. Fosters are able to observe the animal in their care and determine their personality quirks as well as likes and dislikes, and they can identify any behavior or training needs. Fosters often begin addressing any issues, so when potential adopters are identified the foster is able to provide information to ensure the perfect match!

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