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A Rescue Group Dedicated to the Care and Rehoming of Older and Special Needs Cats

Since 1994, City Critters has been working tirelessly to find a temporary haven or forever home for New York’s stray and abandoned cats. As the City Critters Facebook page notes, New York City has not always been a hospitable environment for homeless animals. Citizens’ concerns about the well-being of these animals led to the growth of a dedicated animal rescue network in New York City. City Critters is proud to be part of this network and coordinates with many rescue groups throughout the city to place stray and abandoned cats in permanent homes, reduce euthanasia due to overcrowding at the city shelter, and promote spay/neuter programs.

In recent years, City Critters recognized an increasing need to find homes for cats whose guardians have passed away or are gravely ill. These cats tend to be older and, quite naturally, bring with them the medical problems associated with advancing years. Even though care for these felines has sometimes proven to be a bit costly, these cats bring with them the love for human contact honed by years of a guardian’s care and affection. City Critters is proud of its efforts to offset the necessary medical expenses in order to make adoption of older cats more attractive. Adopting guardians report how delighted they are with the love they receive from their new adoptees.

In order to continue their rescue efforts, City Critters relies upon financial donations from generous supporters. Of course, there are other ways you can support their efforts, too! First, you can volunteer. They need, and appreciate, people who are willing to care for recently arrived felines and help them adapt to a new, loving environment. Feeding, cleaning, and tending to the emotional needs of homeless cats can do wonders in preparing them for their new homes. City Critters is also in need of important supplies such as pet carriers, humane traps, cages, towels, cat food, pet dishes, pet beds, scratching posts, litter boxes, and litter. And finally, you can become an adoptive caregiver to one or more of the cats needing a new home. Here are just a few of the wonderful pets currently waiting to be adopted:


Romulo is a loving, playful, friendly and adventurous cat. On trips with his foster family he's proven to be a good traveler. He has a heart condition that requires medication and monitoring. He might not live to a ripe old age, but he deserves to live the many years he has ahead of him in a happy, loving home.

Guy and Beanie Baby

These besties met in a foster home when Beanie Baby, showed an abundance of playful energy after healing from having a badly broken front leg amputated. His fosters knew he needed a friend and Guy was a perfect fit. They are so fun to watch when they take turns in the hunter/prey game. They genuinely enjoy each other's company, but they also seek out long petting sessions and snuggles from their human companions. In fact, it’s not at all unusual to have one on each side of you so that you become a kitty sandwich!

City Critters has been recognized by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, in conjunction with CBS New York, as one of the twelve top shelters and rescue groups in the city. City Critters is a New York State 501(c)(3) nonprofit. As such, donations to City Critters are fully tax deductible and their financial statements and IRS designation letter are available on request.

Where can you find City Critters? Normally they hold adoptions at the PetSmart adoption center located in the Flatiron PetSmart store at 1107 Broadway (between 24th and 25th Streets) or at Petco, located at 991 Second Avenue (between 52nd and 53rd Streets). However, until public showings are safe, they have implemented a contactless interview and application process and, once the adoption is approved, they will deliver cats to their fosters or new homes via curbside service!

However you can help, your support of and love for these precious creatures will reward you and the New York City community immensely. Thank you.

By William Sullivan

Please support City Critters with a donation! Credit card donations may be made through Network for Good:

Donations may also be mailed to:

City Critters Inc.

P.O. Box 1345

Canal Street Station

New York NY 10013

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