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Metropolitan Maltese Rescue

Metropolitan Maltese Rescue (MetroMalts) is a non-profit organization dedicated to placing homeless Maltese and Maltese-mix dogs in loving, responsible, permanent homes. The all-volunteer organization was founded in 1998 by a group of Maltese lovers in New York City who were dismayed at the number of Maltese dogs in local shelters. In 1999, a Maltese named Kirby, who came to MetroMalts from NYC Animal Care and Control, became the organization’s first rescue. Since then, MetroMalts has saved hundreds of Maltese and Maltese-mixes! Today MetroMalts’ mission is to be an active part of a no-kill community where there are eventually no homeless pets.

MetroMalts volunteers work hard to prevent Maltese dogs from entering or remaining in animal shelters by fostering dogs in their own homes and working to find forever homes for dogs found as strays, surrendered by their owners, or rescued from shelters. Every prospective foster and permanent home is carefully screened. Information provided by prospective adopters is used to make sure that Maltese dogs in need are placed with the caregivers best suited to their individual personalities. MetroMalts volunteers also remain available after adoption to help resolve any concerns or problems that might arise.

If you are interested in adopting a Maltese or Maltese-mix fill out the Online Adoption Form and read the Adopter Agreement. The adoption questionnaire will be used to identify your preferences and lifestyle in order to find a compatible dog. And remember, it can take time before the best dog for your home is found, so please be patient. If there is a potential match, a home visit will be conducted and all references will be checked before you are introduced to any of the Maltese available for adoption. If everything looks good, you will sign an Adopter Agreement before taking your new pet home.

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Please note that MetroMalts’ area of service is New York City and its New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut suburbs. All dogs are vet checked, spayed or neutered, and fully vaccinated prior to placement.

Adoption fees are as follows:

· $500 for dogs up to 2 years old

· $400 for dogs from 2 to 5 years old

· $300 for dogs over 5 years old

The MetroMalts website includes educational information for prospective adopters, including the misconception that Maltese are non-allergenic. Although Maltese are non-shedding dogs, people with dog allergies can still have an allergic reaction to a Maltese. The reason for this is that the allergy is often caused by dander, not the dog’s hair/fur. Dander is composed of the microscopic scales of dead skin that animals, including humans, are constantly shedding. Some people are less allergic to breeds such as Maltese, poodles, and bichon fries because these breeds require frequent shampooing and grooming, resulting in less dander.

As former board member Jillayne Deyoung states, “I have allergy-induced asthma myself. While I am not completely allergy free with my Maltese dogs, I am less allergic than with some other breeds. I have had severe asthma attacks in reaction to some dogs.” The MetroMalts website does provides great tips for people with allergies who are considering the adoption of a Maltese:

Before adopting a Maltese:

  • Determine if you are particularly allergic to dogs. This may require a visit to your physician or allergist.

  • If you are highly allergic, consider desensitization shots. Over time you will build an immunity to dog dander.

  • Spend several hours with a Maltese dog. If the first visit goes well, with no allergic reaction, try a second visit. Often, reactions do not occur on first contact.

Once you bring a Maltese home:

  • Use an air filter or cleaner.

  • Dust and vacuum your home daily, if possible, to eliminate microscopic particles of dander.

  • Launder dog beds and plush toys weekly – remember you are trying to eliminate dander from your home. If you have washable throw rugs, launder them weekly as well.

  • NEVER let the dog sleep on your bed. Depending on the severity of your allergic reaction, you may need to have the dog sleep outside of your bedroom.

  • If you have allergies to perfumes/fragrances, request that your groomer use perfume-free products. Better still, provide them with the fragrance-free product that you would like them to use (after making sure you aren’t allergic to it).

Photo Credit: Marcus Winkler

Like most animal rescue organizations, MetroMalts relies on donations of time, professional services, and financial assistance from the public. One of the most important functions of any rescue is the ability to foster abandoned dogs until they are ready for their forever homes. Volunteers who can serve as fosters for Maltese dogs is MetroMalts’ most urgent need at the moment. Serving as a foster is probably the most demanding yet rewarding contribution one can make. If you live in the NYC tri-state region and are interested in fostering Maltese rescue dogs, please complete and return the forms attached below, or send an email to

A foster coordinator will contact you about what you might expect as a MetroMalts foster.

Not everyone who wishes to help animals can take a dog into their home. If you want to donate your time in other ways, MetroMalts can use assistance in accounting/bookkeeping, fundraising, public relations, dog training/evaluation, adopter screening, and as shelter liaisons. If you live the NYC-tri-state area and would like to serve as a volunteer, fill out the volunteer form and someone will reach out to you! Please note, there might be a delay in reviewing applications as MetroMalts is 100% volunteer based. Your patience is appreciated.

If volunteering is not an option and you are still moved to help these wonderful dogs, financial donations can be made by clicking here. You can also mail a check to:

Metropolitan Maltese Rescue P.O. Box 20721 New York, NY 10021

If you need to give up your dog, please send an email with information about your dog, along with your name, location, and phone number to

One of MetroMalts’ volunteers will be in touch to help you.

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