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Long Island Bulldog Rescue

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The Mission

Long Island Bulldog Rescue’s (LIBR) primary mission is to provide adoption services for homeless English Bulldogs to ensure they enjoy long, healthy lives in safe, loving homes. To fulfill this goal, LIBR takes in abused and neglected English Bulldogs from municipal shelters and rescues, as well as from owners who can no longer keep them, and works to find them permanent homes. LIBR provides in-depth veterinary care, which can include spaying/neutering, vaccinations, medication, and even surgery. LIBR then performs extensive screenings to get to know each dog and create an optimal match with prospective adopters. LIBR also provides foster care services for English Bulldogs needing a safe temporary home while recovering from abuse and neglect before they find a permanent loving home. LIBR’s commitment doesn’t end after the dog is adopted: They offer transitional guidance and support, and if an adoption is unsuccessful, LIBR will take the dog back into their care—further demonstrating LIBR’s commitment to caring for English Bulldogs throughout the life of the dog.

LIBR is part of a national and regional network of breed-specific rescues, advocacy organizations, and English Bulldog clubs who work to identify dogs in need. In addition to their adoption services, LIBR provides humane education for school-aged children to teach them the principles and practices of properly caring for an English Bulldog. LIBR also provides education for the general public about the breed-specific characteristics of English Bulldogs so potential adopters can make educated decisions regarding the care of these very special dogs.

The Adoption Process

Adopting a dog from LIBR follows a path very similar to reputable rescues and shelters across the U.S. The first step is filling out an application, which includes questions regarding your family, home, lifestyle, employment, and ability to care for an English Bulldog. You will also be asked questions about your pet care philosophy, any current/previous pets, and your veterinarian’s contact information. If you think this application is really extensive, you are correct! The in-depth nature of the application demonstrates LIBR’s commitment to ensuring your home is the best possible place for an English Bulldog so that both you and the pet will be happy. Keep in mind that rescue groups didn’t always have such well-developed adoption applications and procedures—these evolved over time as rescue organizations saw animals become homeless for the same reasons over and over again. A thorough and meticulous application is the organization’s way of trying to avoid the same situations that caused the animal’s homelessness in the first place. The good news is that once you fill out the application it will stay on file for six months, giving you time to find the pet that will be perfect for your family! And LIBR reminds you that not every home is good for every dog—finding the best dog for you can take time.

LIBR is completely staffed by volunteers. When you think about dozens of people with jobs and families all coming together to help dogs, it’s pretty inspiring! But it also means that communication can take time. LIBR receives thousands of adoption applications every year, and they simply don’t have the resources to respond to every single one. LIBR can’t predict how long your waiting period will take since they don’t know what dogs they will be receiving and what care that specific animal will need. But rest assured that once your application is entered into their database, you will be contacted if you are identified as a match to an English Bulldog in need.

S.O.S. (Save One Senior)

LIBR has a soft spot for older bullies and those with medical or behavioral issues. Because LIBR is committed to lifelong care, an English Bulldog with medical or behavioral issues can be in LIBR foster care for a long time; these dogs often have the added expense of medications, a special diet, supplements, and extra training. S.O.S is a program dedicated specifically to these long-term fosters. Donors can participate in S.O.S. by choosing a dog from the website and sending a monthly contribution for that specific dog’s care. The costs vary from dog to dog, but examples of some of the monthly costs are $6 for heartworm preventative, $20 for thyroid medication, $30 for a check-up with a veterinarian, $30 for glucosamine and chondroitin medication, and $60 for special food. You can also donate $50 for an orthopedic bed or $7 for a collar. The amounts vary so you can participate at whatever level your budget allows, and every little bit helps the dogs that need it most! The best part is that when you donate to S.O.S you will receive information and a picture of your sponsored dog. Any donations designated for a specific dog that exceed care costs will be used to provide for other dogs in the program. Some S.O.S. dogs are available for adoption, and LIBR’s goal is to see each dog find a home, if possible. If the dog you have chosen to sponsor is fortunate enough to be adopted, they’ll notify you and tell you the details.

How You Can Help

Foster homes are always needed. If you are interested in opening your home and heart as a foster, complete this Foster Application. If fostering is not possible for you but you would like to help by participating in adoption events, providing transportation for animals in need, completing home checks of prospective adopters, or lending administrative support, please complete a Volunteer Application.

Finally, if time is a constraint for you but you still want to help these wonderful animals, please consider making a financial donation. You can make a one-time donation here. Or you can sign up to make monthly donations here. If you are more comfortable donating by mail, you can send a check to:

LI Bulldog Rescue P.O. Box 239 Stony Brook, NY 11790

Remember, Long Island Bulldog Rescue is solely dependent on donations. They are a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and that means your donations are completely tax deductible!

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