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Francis's Friends - Rescue, Care, Adopt

Francis's Friends Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit all-volunteer organization, was founded in August 2001 by three experienced independent cat rescuers. Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, Francis's Friends' mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out into loving homes previously homeless cats and kittens found primarily in the Queens, New York area. Between August 2001 and January 2008 Francis’s Friends rescued hundreds of cats and kittens.

St. Francis of Assisi

Since January 2008 Francis’s Friends has specialized in assisting other independent rescuers, small rescue groups, and select 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organizations in their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out previously homeless cats and kittens into loving homes, and also to perform trap, neuter and return (TNR) activities when appropriate.

Here are some of the wonderful pets recently helped by Francis’s Friends:

Coco the Tortoise Cat—Coco’s owner, a senior woman named Carole, passed away, leaving behind her beloved pet. Carole’s nephews, who stopped by to take care of Coco every day, were told by a mutual friend to contact Francis’s Friends for support. Coco had been living alone for a month in her empty house, still sleeping under the covers of the bed in which she had slept with her beloved Carole. A woman named Sheila writes a weekly neighborhood newsletter, and she volunteered to include Coco’s photo and story. Through Sheila’s newsletter, Coco found a loving home with a remarkable and very patient young woman named Zairi who gave Coco all the time she needed to become accustomed to her new life. Francis’s Friends also paid Coco’s initial veterinary bill.

Shadow—A magnificent five-year-old white cat, Shadow was in foster care at Cat Assistance. A man named Pablo had adopted a lovely kitten from Francis's Friends many years before. When that cat passed away, Pablo contacted Francis's Friends, who introduced him to Shadow. It was mutual love at first sight. Shadow needed some serious dental work, so Francis's Friends paid the bill. Shadow and Pablo are now the best of friends, and Shadow recently comforted Pablo as he recovered from his second COVID vaccination.


Miss Molly—This adult cat needed a new home because her humans were getting too old to take care of her. Their friend Opal took in Miss Molly but was not prepared for the vet bills that arose as Miss Molly developed some serious gastrointestinal problems. Opal was extremely at risk during the early months of the COVID pandemic due to chronic lung issues, so Francis's Friends took Miss Molly back and forth to the vet and paid those bills. Miss Molly is now doing so well—and so is Opal!

Koshka—Cathleen adored her beloved black senior cat, Koshka. But Cathleen lost her job early on in the pandemic, so Francis's Friends provided cat food and litter for a few weeks until she could be helped by social services. Unfortunately, six months later Koshka became very ill. A close friend took Cathleen and Koshka to the local vet, and Francis's Friends paid for Koshka to be euthanized.

Tundra—Tyne is attending Junior College and found the sweetest tiny kitten on her way home from school. This kitten was drastically undernourished and undersized. Tyne just loved this kitten and named her Tundra. She bottle-fed her and nursed her day and night. Francis's Friends paid half of Tundra’s initial vet bill, and now Tundra is a playful and precocious kitten today enjoying life with wonderful Tyne.


Shuri—An adult female cat, Shuri lives with a wonderful independent rescuer named Kitti, who spends every available dollar she has on her rescued cats and has arranged many cat adoptions over the years. Shuri needs dental work, so Francis's Friends recently made a contribution to Kitti’s account at her vet to help with Shuri’s bill.

Carmen and Kittens—Cat Assistance rescued Carmen and her four kittens from the Manhattan Animal Care Center. Carmen is a beautiful grey and white two-year-old grey-and-white tabby with green eyes. She was such a fantastic mother that she nursed two more orphaned kittens in addition to her own. Carmen is now ready for her forever home, and Francis's Friends is helping her find it.


Duffy—A handsome two-year-old male tabby, Duffy was rescued by an independent rescuer named Kitty from the parking lot of a hotel in Yonkers. Duffy is very gentle and prefers to be petted than held, but he likes to wind around people's legs. Francis's Friends is helping to find this sweet his forever home.

If you are moved by the stories of the wonderful cats that Francis’s Friends has worked so hard to help, please consider making a donation so they can continue to help more cats and their owners. Checks can be made payable to Francis's Friends Inc. and mailed to the following address:

Francis's Friends Inc.

c/o K. Brady

P.O. Box 1438

Cathedral Station

NY, NY 10025

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