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I Found Kittens Outside, What Do I Do?











The ASPCA just launched a new tool, Found Kittens, for Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month this June to educate the public on how to help newborn kittens found outdoors, one of the most vulnerable animal populations who are often removed from their environment and unintentionally orphaned.

Not all kittens require the same kind of assistance (especially if the mother is out getting food and already caring for her newborns), and the public can now easily determine the best lifesaving approach-tailored to the individual situation of each kitten-by answering a series of simple questions about how the animals were found!

The tool is very easy to use. You answer questions about the found kittens and based on your answer the tool will either ask you additional questions or direct you what to do next. It is a must have during kitten season (Spring and Summer).




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